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Tree Hill is home.

There is a little old TV show called one tree hill which I adore, I find safety in the words spoken by those characters and the world in which they live. I am always amazed by Haleys ability to forgive, Brooke's huge heart , Julian's love and Nathan's courage. All images unless stated are from weheartit! Feel free to ask me anything! hit counter
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one tree hill + saying bitch

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Ass meet face

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Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that she finally got her wish and got to have her own family, but Brooke was never the type of person who got the fairytale she wished for so it would have been so much more fitting for her to have adopted a child and shown the world about how much she could have loved a child that wasn’t even hers, just like she did with Sam and Angie. 

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31/100 best stills
7x01 - 4:30am
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30/100 best stills
8x22 - This is my house, this is my home
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29/100 best stills
7x08 - (I just) died in your arms
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